International Oil Field Chemistry Conference

Keynote & Other Important Talks

Keynote & Special Talks

1. “Indian Oil and Gas Scenario in next one decade”, Dr. Anand Gupta, Additional Director General (Development), Directorate General of Hydrocarbons

2. “Thermodynamic Assessment of Resource Utilization and Destruction in India in Past Four Decades: Insights from Exergy Analysis”, Prof. A. B. Pandit, Vice-Chancellor, UGC Professor, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

3. “Sustainability in Refining & Petrochemicals”, Mr. Asit Kumar Das, Head of Refining R&D Centre, Reliance Industries Limited

4. “Challenges – Conversion of Hydrocarbon Resources to Reserves”, Mr. Yash Malik, Ex-Advisor MoPNG and Ex-Executive Director, ONGC

5. “Best practices on the sustainable water management”, Mr. Mukul Agarwal, Chief Sustainability Officer, Birla Cellulose, Pulp and Fiber business of the Aditya Birla Group

6. “Use of Microfluidic Device in Asphaltenes and Wax Deposition and Mitigation”, Dr. Sanjay Misra, Chief Technical Officer, Ennova LLC, USA

7. "AtamNirbhar Bharat Initiative by Dorf Ketal”, Mr. Kaustubh Chitale, Country Head - India, Dorf Ketal Chemicals


Technical Papers

1. Enhancing the Effectiveness of Well Stimulation through Exhaustive Fluid Compatibility Study – A Case Study of Mumbai Offshore

2. A Model to Describe Biodegradation of Spilled Petroleum Diesel Oil Using Cyanobacteria

3. Quality Assurance of Process Chemicals- Challenges and Solutions- A Case Study of Oil and Gas Process Plant, ONGC Uran.

4. Autonomous Corrosion and Scale Control System for ESP Wells.

5. Comparison between Lab Capillary Flow-through and Flow Loop Wax DepositionTests for Wax Inhibitor Treatment Design.

6. Geo-Microbial Tool to Validate Stratigraphic Hydrocarbon Prospects in Khoraghat-Nambar Area.

7. Study of Acrylate-Sulfonate Terpolymer and its Composites as an Iron Carbonate Scale Inhibitor in Presence and Absence of Triazine.

8. Energy Security with Sustainable Alternative/Renewable Energy Sources.

9. Replacing Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) by Surfactant-Polymer (SP): Future for Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (cEOR) Application.

10. Development of Suitable Scale Inhibitor for Controlling Scale Ineffluent Pipeline.

11. Screening Study for use of Surfactants to Alter the Wettability of Carbonate Reservoir.

12. The Novel Method for Measurement of Sulphur in Petcoke from Crude Oil.

13. Natural Gas Hydrates Inhibitors and their Inhibition Mechanisms for Hydrocarbon Flow Assurance.

14. A Comparative Study of Using Advanced GO Membrane Technology over Traditional Oily Water Treatment Methods.

15. Hierarchical Cluster Analysis (HCA) for Assessment of Genetic type of Water in Barail Formation of Assam and Assam Arakan Basin.

16. Experimental Evaluation and Modeling of Slick water Fluid Performance using Drag-reducer Polymers.

17. Investigating Hydrate Formation and Deposition in Subsea Pipelines: Application in Hydrate Flow Assurance.

18. Treatment of H2S intrusions in Drilling Mud and its Prevention: A Multi-disciplinary Approach.

19. Macrofungi Bio-chemicals are Renewable Source of Corrosion Inhibitor Additive for Biofuels Blended Fossil Fuels.

20. Total Water Management for the Refinery and Textile Industry.

21. InService Tank Floor Cleaning and Inspection.

22. A CFD Study Of Application Of Aloe-Vera-based CuO Nanofluid As Water-based Drilling Fluid Additive for HPHT Drilling.

23. Application of a sunflower oil-derived surfactant for the development of oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion drilling mud for shale formation.

24. Demulsification of Concentrated Indian Heavy Crude oil-in-water Emulsion: Driven by Chemicals under heating and Enhanced Gravity.

25. Alkali-Surfactant (AS): A Innovative EOR Technology for Enhancing Oil Production In Low Permeability and High-Temperature Reservoirs-Case study.

26. A new approach of efficient desalting of Crude Oil.

27. Development of High Melt Strength Polypropylene (HP-MELST) using Reactive Extrusion.

28. Novel Additive (HP-Polyshine) for Improving Paintability of Polypropylene.

29. Designing of Suitable Drilling Fluid in Sea Water up to Thermal Stability of 135OC

30. Development of Single Sack Loss Control Remedy for Mitigating Severe Drilling Fluid Losses in Non-reservoir Section

31. Effluent Water-based Drilling Fluid - An Eco-Friendly Innovation

32. Successful secondary cementation in work-over rigs having brine in the well

33. Modelling of a Catalytic Riser for a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit using Modified Kinetic Scheme Model

34. Caged Phosphines: Controlling Metal Electronics for the Development of Synthetic Protocols for Nucleoside-based Fluorescent, Bio-Probes & Commercially relevant Molecules

35. Development of Novel and Cost-Effective Drag Reducing Additive

36. Fuel Oil to LNG: Decarbonizing Fired Heaters

37. A Novel Catalytic Tandem Alkane Dehydrogenation & Olefin Metathesis Route to Mitigate Wax Problem in Crude Oil.